Ontario California Pest Control – How to keep bugs and other pests out of your home

Here at Early Bird Extermination we get calls daily from unhappy homeowners who have a pest problem or infestation in their homes and want to know how to keep them out.

Actually, there are lots of things the average homeowner can do to keep bugs out of and away from you home. Sometimes it’s a really easy fix, but sometimes it takes more work and knowledge of pests and their habits and behaviors.

Below are a few things YOU the homeowner can do to keep bugs and other pests out of and away from your home. There are many more tips and tricks, but these listed below should help you a lot to live a more PEST FREE life without having to call a professional exterminator for help.

  • Use caulking to seal up all cracks where bugs can enter your home.
  • Make sure all door thresholds leading to the outside are tight-fitting and no gaps are present underneath the door.
  • Make sure all window screens fit tightly and no holes in screens, especially if you like to leave the windows open for fresh air.
  • Make sure all attic louvers are properly screened.
  • Do not leave pet food out over night.
  • Make sure no food crumbs, scraps, etc. are on floors or counter tops.
  • Clean up all food spills immediately.
  • Make sure garbage cans have tight fitting lids.
  • Make sure all service entries (power, plumbing, gas, etc.) are caulked and sealed.
  • Make sure dryer vent is sealed where it exits to the outside.
  • Keep firewood stored away from house.
  • Keep ivy and other plant growth off of house and neatly trimmed.
  • Do not allow weeds to grow in close proximity to house.
  • Make sure all soil around house drains properly.
  • Make sure gutter are free flowing and free of debris

These are just a few things YOU can do to keep pests away from your home and avoid a full-scaled infestation.

Sometimes…especially with termites…pest infestations can not be controlled by the average homeowner. The treatments require expensive equipment and chemicals and other products that you can not buy without a commercial pesticide applicator’s license.

Many people each year spend a lot of money on do-it-yourself pest control products and have very little if any success. As a matter of fact, if you really don’t know what you are doing, you can make the infestation much worse.

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